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Meet the New Generation of Productivity: AI-Powered, User-Focused, and Designed to Elevate Your Goals! Build habit, maintain routine and complete task easily with fun.

Hello Achievers!

It's been two incredible years of growth, innovation, and productivity with BeeDone. As we've journeyed together, our goal has always been clear: to empower you to reach your ambitions, whether it's personal growth, career milestones, health, or major projects. And we're excited to keep that momentum going!

After all, when you're actively working towards your goals (not just scrolling through TikTok!), you're tapping into the secret sauce of longevity and fulfillment. That's what Ikigai is all about.

Focus on writting

As an app developer, my passion lies in gamifying experiences—something I've been honing since my first app in 2016. With BeeDone, I've poured everything into creating a seamless, optimized experience, packed with 15 skills and gamification techniques. Plus, I've squashed those pesky bugs, especially the ones hiding in your notifications.

coach chat ai productivityy

AI Productivity Coach chat screen on MacOS app

But the biggest news? We're thrilled to introduce your AI Productivity Coach - Vicky! Whether you need a dose of motivation, inspiration, resilience, or joy, Vicky adapts to your needs. She's here to guide you with personalized advice, evolving to match the mood that best fuels your success.

more than 92% of task created are completed in BeeDone app

Our vision for Vicky is vast, but we want to hear from you! Your feedback is invaluable—tell us what you think of Vicky, and let's shape the future of BeeDone together.

On the tech front, we've supercharged our Web App performance. Expect smoother animations and even get desktop reminders for your tasks (MacOS app updated too!).

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But here's the real talk: I've heard the whispers, "Focus on marketing, not features." Trust me, I get it. To grow BeeDone and continue providing value, we need to reach more people. And that's where I need your help.

With this release, I’m shifting gears from development to marketing until we hit our $10,000 goal. That's the magic number to bring on a team and take BeeDone to the next level. So far, we've reached $1,800 in 6 months thanks to you.

5 starts

5 stars review on the Play Store

Join me in this marketing mission. Share BeeDone with friends, family, and fellow goal-getters. Let's spread the word and make productivity fun and achievable for everyone.

Need a nudge toward your dreams? Try BeeDone and let Vicky be your guide.

And because you've stayed with me until the end of this email, I believe you're truly committed to achieving greatness. As a token of appreciation for your dedication and to sweeten your journey towards peak productivity, I have an exclusive offer just for you.

Unlock the full potential of BeeDone at an astonishing -80% discount. But hurry, this link is your golden ticket and is only valid for the next 24 hours:
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